Monday, 11 March 2013

An unexpected exit

Today has been an unusual day.  It snowed overnight, about 4 inches on ungritted roads,  and consequently the journey into work was an absolute nightmare.  It took 40 minutes to go the mile from my house to the A1 road into Edinburgh, and traffic was nose to tail all the way in to town.  The actual journey into work took 1 hour 45 minutes.  It usually takes about 35  minutes.  And when I got to work there was no heating or hot water.  Oh joy.  We soldiered on for the morning, hoping that the problem would be fixed, but it wasn't, and we were freezing, so we went home at lunch time.  Hopefully the heating will be all fixed tomorrow, but I'll wear lots of layers just in case,   Brrrr.

No time for crafty stuff today so here's a picture of an 'assemblage' I made as a Xmas present for a friend. I love doing these. I tried to make each square meaningful for my friend, such as the initials of her 4 children in scrabble letters, and the pink basket she uses for her jewellery business. I get a lot of bits and I pieces from car boot sales and charity shops.

Half the fun is searching for the items. Sometimes you find an item that just makes you go 'Huh? WTF is THAT?' But you have to buy it all the same. If anyone can throw any light on this please let me know!

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