Saturday, 2 March 2013

Tags of 2013 - Jan, Feb and March

This is my first blog.  No idea what I'm doing, so please excuse the ramble. It'll be interesting to see if I get any feedback.  er... is it possible to get feedback on a blog? I don't follow blogs myself, except accidentally.  I do have a video on YouTube  which shows a scrapbook album that I created and I intend to do a few more of those at some point. Books and vids. Sometime soon. Yeah.

Anyway, I've been following Tim Holz's '12 Tags of 2013' and having a go at making them myself.  The thing is that you can post your efforts on Tim's website (or is it a blog? Is there a difference?) and win a prize, and I quite fancied doing that but you have to do it through linking to your blog.  So here we are. My first blog. 
The idea behind '12 Tags' is to learn new techniques for using the Ranger/TH inks, paints and what-have-you, to inspire creativity, and obviously it is a great way to show off the various items in the Tim Holz (TH) range and thus encourage sales.  I don't need such encouragement, you just have to put something TH in my hand and point me in the direction of the till.

I didn't have all the items to create exactly the same tag, but as this is a creative exercise that's a good thing, as it gets you to think of alternatives.  I didn't have the bunny or the labels die, the tattered banner die nor the die used to cut the grass.  I also didn't have tinsel.  But I did have a similar 'on the edge' die to cut a label shape with, and I cut a circle out if it so I could put shiny thread behind the pendant I made using TH Easter Bunny  from the Seasonal paper range stuck behind a facetted gem (also TH, but you probably guessed that).  Grass and tattered banner were easy - I have sharp scissors and patience. 

I think it turned out alright.

And here are January and February's tags:

I hope you like them.  The February card was a bit of a faff.  I didn't have the Queen of Hearts stamp that TH used, so had to draw my own, freehand.  It's VERY hard to draw a mirror image freehand, I found! You can tell.

See you next blog.



  1. Welcome to blog world! I'm not sure I know the difference between a blog and a website either. Your tags are beautiful and I especially like how you placed the bunny under the faceted gem. Good luck with your blog!

  2. Welcome to the crazy world of blogging!! I'm so glad you took the plunge and joined the fun! =D I love your tags--the Easter one is adorable!

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging!! I think you did a great job for you first post!
    I think all three of your tags have come out great!

  4. All the tags are lovely, the pendent in the Easter one is just perfect and your blog looks great as well! Cx

  5. Greetings from Canada!!!
    Great job on the tags of 2013!
    I cheated a bit on the February tag as well and used an actual Queen of Hearts playing card (I can't draw at all...but yours is GREAT!!!!)
    Welcome to the world of gets a bit addictive!
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the next tag ;)

    1. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Wish I knew how to make my blog a bit more lively. Need to learn how to put in those banners for products I use, and Tim's '12 tags of 2013' icon (is it an icon?) would be nice. But not tonight. Tonight there is wine. Well it is Friday night.

  6. I especially like you February tag. Found your blog by linking back from your march tag on Tim's site. Thanks for sharing