Sunday, 17 March 2013

Life's a Beach

I was going to sit down yesterday afternoon to start a new mini album, but got an unexpected invite to meet friends for coffee. This turned into an four hour coffee and shopping marathon. I was 20 minutes too early to meet up with Sharon and Dot, so decided on a quick butchers in Hobbycraft. That quick look cost me over £20 but I got a few bargains, including some Papermania clock hands and label plates from their Chronology range, for only a quid each.

Coffee drunk, Sharon abducted me and drove us to the Gyle (the other end of the city from where we were) to have a look at some dining chairs in Marks and Spencer's on which she wanted our opinion. Nice chairs, but undecided. However she did get the bargain of the century, surely, as she bought an office table/desk and chair from M&S reduced from £1200 down to £270! Lovely.

Today, I sat down and started my album. This will be made from Fabscraps 'Summer Collection' papers and tags. I managed to do one double sided page but had to take the dog out for a walk mid afternoon, so we went to the beach. Here's the first page:

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