Saturday, 1 February 2014

Better Late than Never

Okay, so it's 1 February, but I've only just managed to do the January tag from Tim's 12 tags of 2014. Better late than never, and delayed because I was waiting for the pocket watch die to arrive from Sizzix.   I bought a whole bunch of dies in the Sizzix sale  in January, and can't wait to use them all.

I've also been distracted by some lovely foil tape that I purchased from  a company called Tapes Direct.  This foil tape is a lot thicker than the regular stuff you can buy, and is fantastic for embossing with.  I used it to cover a little metal box to keep important receipts in, and a tiny little bird house.

Another project with the foil is a direct lift from YouTube, so thank you Linda Neff I love the look of this.  You can find the link to her video here

I've been hoping to move all my craft stuff into the small spare bedroom but this involves moving the remaining son into the bedroom vacated by son 1 ( now left home) and buying 2 new beds, decorating the new guest bedroom vacated by son 2, getting rid of 3 old beds, and buying a new craft desk.  All this has fallen down because the beds that were due to arrive this week will not now be arriving until 5 March 'due to lack of stock'.  Thanks Homebase.

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