Thursday, 26 December 2013

60th Birthday Boxes Book for Bill

It was my husband Bill's 60th birthday this month, so I made him this assembly in lieu of a birthday card.  It is made out of 2 Tando Creative mini printers trays with covers, stuck together to make a book.  The frames have been covered in silver embossing powder for a metallic finish, and each window is backed with Tim Holtz seasonal stash papers, though there may be an odd one with different paper. Many of the pieces are Tim's Ideaology pieces.

Each window represents some part of his life - hobbies, interests, work, play, family etc. and a private joke or two best left that way!

It took a long time to collect all the little bits to put in this.  I suppose his birthday has been at the back of my mind all year as quite a few of the pieces are from car boot trawls over the year.  I altered most of the pieces in some way, and made some up from Fimo.  I was particularly pleased with the altered plaster head Borg (he's a Star Trek fan) with fimo headdress and resistor.  Because resistance is futile...

Some of the references were a bit too subtle for him, so took some guesswork on his part and explanation from me.  Like the L, T ans S.  He couldn't place that, so had to explain that was the initials of me and our 2 boys! Jeez.

Anyway, he loved it, so that was good.


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