Monday, 4 January 2016

Castle Keep

Before I put my Christmas Village away until next year, I just had to make a castle.  This one is based on a Scottish Tower House, and there are many of these dotted around the countryside hear abouts.  Particularly in the Borders area of Scotland (near the border with England) as there were many cross border skirmishes and lots of cattle rustling in days gone by. These houses were built as defensible strongholds, no windows near the ground and usually only one door to defend. Livestock would be kept secure on the ground floor and people lived up high, away from fire and arrows.

Here's a couple of real tower houses, but I not sure what the names are..

Gorgeous to look at, but probably not very cosy to live in.
Back to work tomorrow. Blurgh.


  1. You did it again. That is adorable. I saw that you commented on Tim Holtz' new sizzix dies. That will expand our repertoire, won't it?

    1. Oh I can't wait for the new additions, just love those dormer Windows and the little picket fence! And the tall thin house. Yay!
      I'm not terribly happy with my castle and will be making a new one. I want to make a white on, as many of these houses are in white render, I knew as soon as I started painting it that it was a mistake. Also not happy with the turret roof, not realistic.mainly because it is actually a tube for the end of an auroscope that I happened to find in my stash and it just seemed a good idea at the time! Will be making a white tower one this weekend and will do a better job.

  2. What a fabulous building! Your village is a masterpiece! I recently started building houses, and find yours very inspiring! Happy New Year!