Saturday, 14 November 2015

Little IKEA frame

I've seen the flip frame that Tim does, 

love it, want it,  but it's quite a lot of money to spend on something that isn't an item I can play and make a mess with. But I went to IKEA the other week to buy some new shelves for my craft room (again) and I found this little white plastic 'Tolsby' frame for £1. Yes, £1.
It's no thing of beauty, but I thought maybe I could give it a makeover, and if it didn't work out then I've not lost a lot.

I sanded it down lightly because it was quite shiny, and then coated it with some black gesso to give key for the next layer which was some American Craft silver paint. Once that dried I gave the edges a going over with some DecoArts black antiquing cream (think black acrylic would be just as good). 

It looked a little bland.  I probably should have stuck some bits and pieces on it at the start to give it some texture, live and learn. What I did have though was some Industrious Stickers Borders
So I stuck these on the frame and it looked great.
Here's the finished item

Just thought it was an idea to pass on. £1. Jeez.

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  1. Beautiful frame now and an awesome job you did! Hope to get to our Ikea next week and now I'll be looking to get a couple of those, what you did with it is fantastic Karen xx