Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Spring has a Sprung

Wow! What a fabulous Easter weekend it has been with wall to wall sunshine and soaring temperatures. I can't believe that on Tuesday it was snowing, and absolutely Baltic, but 4 days later it was so hot in my garden at 5.30 pm that I had to go indoors to cool off.  The down side is that I'm working this week and I chose NEXT week to take a holiday, but the weather is due to change.  Pah.

I have a tip to share.  I hate having to shake my half empty glue bottles to get glue to the nozzle, such a pain and doesn't help my dodgy shoulder. But, during a kitchen clearout last weekend I came across a couple of egg cups that are made from coiled wire.  I think they actually came out of Xmas crackers a couple of years ago but have never been used.  I had a eureka moment, gave them a tug to stretch them out, and now they hold my upturned glue and glossy accent bottles perfectly.  No more shaking the bottle.  You often see these eggcups in charity shops, so have a look for them next time you are browsing.

So, Time for Tim's April tag.  I've skipped the March tag as I didn't have what I needed to complete it,  will get back to it shortly, but Aprils tag was something I could tackle despite not having the stamps he used.  I had to hand draw the flowers, and didn't have the word dies, so improvised.  I also drew in the stitching as my cheap and cheerful mini sewing machine will be in the bucket soon if it doesn't shape up and behave itself.  I have a wheeled tool that puts holes in the paper as it turns, (have no idea what it is called but I guess it is for piercing stitch holes in leather) so my 'stitches' are nice and regular.

I drew bluebells on my tag, rather than the rose and daisy that tim has used.  To me, Bluebells are so Scottish, and just coming into season.  I like how my tag turned out.


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  1. I love that you drew your own flowers. I love your re-purposed egg holders (I store both of these items upside down too). I think you must complete March's tag - it was such a good one!