Friday, 2 January 2015

12 Tags of 2015 #1, January, and a NY Resolution.

Gosh, here we are in 2015.  Happy New Year everyone. 

New year, new tags from tim.  

I shamelessly copied this first one, with hardly any differences except for a couple of wee ones.  I had the alpha parts numbers and the chitchat stickers, but not tissue paper (stamped my own using white tissue paper and black soot ink pad, and various stamps) nor the distress glitter nor some of the paints and spray colours, so improvised with what I had.  The whole point really.  

Here it is on my tag board, at peg number 1.  I took off all the previous years' tags as can be seen by the faded areas on the board, but they will slowly be covered up as the year, and Tim's tags, 
progresses.  That's one of my resolutions, to complete every tag.  I started with good intentions last year but it didn't finish well.  :-(
I love the glitter on this one, luckily I had gold glitter that wasn't too brash.

And a close up..
I really like the shadow effect on the chitchat stickers. That's so clever.  It gives the whole tag depth.

I wonder what this year will bring?  Health and happiness to all I hope.


  1. You got a fabulous shadow effect on your stickers! They look like you popped them up! Nice job!

  2. A lovely job on Tim's tag! I love the wall hanging you created to place them on - great idea!

    1. Thanks for the comments. The board is black foam board, to which I attached numbered legs. The board has faded a bit, though not so much at the bottom as I haven't managed to complete a whole years worth of tags yet. Maybe this year...

  3. A great first tag and I love your tag display board - may have to copy that idea!!