Friday, 23 May 2014

I lose my iPhone, bank card, way home and possibly marbles. And join a Beer Mat Swap.

Zuzu and I tried to jazz up my blog, but we couldn't get the links to work. So it's still just plain boring!
We had a good day together at my house on Wednesday, but I got in something of a tizz, lost my bank card, which I found again 5 minutes after reporting it lost to my bank, took the wrong turning on the road to my house (too busy talking to drive accurately) mislaid my iPhone, and generally had a dippy  brainless kind of day.   But it was fun all the same.

Zuzu organises challenges on her blog, and this month she has an altered beer mat swap going on, so I joined in for the first time.  I handed in my 5 efforts today, and can't wait to see what comes to me.

Here are mine, which are themed on the poetry of Masefield and Wordsworth, the writings of HG Wells, the Romance of Paris and the films of Alfred Hitchcock.

The first one is based on two poems by John Masefield 'Sea Fever' and 'Cargoes'

This one is based on Wordsworth's 'Upon Westminster Bridge'.  I learned this poem off by heart at the age of 10, for a school concert, and it has stuck with me ever since (47years!).  I do like the imagery in that poem. I also attached a daffodil to this mat, for obvious reasons.

This one is Wells' 'The Time Machine' and 'The Invisible Man'. I used some plastic molding film to make the invisible man, a bit hard to see in the photo.

Romantic Paris.  No particular reason for this other than I like these embossing folders!  In fact Paris is turning out to be a bit of a nightmare for my son's partner Jill who is on a two week educational placement there at the moment.  A group of students from Edinburgh College went over to Paris last Saturday, and all but Jill and one other girl came home after just a couple of days, due to the hassle they were getting from pickpockets and attempted muggings.  Jill is determined to stick it out though, and the college have moved them to another hotel in a better area.  I hope all goes well for her.

Alfred Hitchcock films 'North by North a West' and 'The Birds'.  There's also a bit of 'Torn Curtain' in the dangly, but that might be a bit too subtle for most.

So, that's my swap.  These mats are quite addictive though.  I did another couple just for me.

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  1. they are fabulous. Thank you for joining in the swap Sara :)
    And yes it was a lovely day. i really enjoyed it. glad the bank card thing got sorted though lol.
    Z x