Thursday, 17 October 2013

On My Metal

I was given a lovely wooden wine box by a work colleague (much more highly paid than me obviously, as my wine tends to come in boxes made of cardboard and with a plastic tap) and it sat on my shelf for a while awaiting inspiration.  This came in the form of a Tim Holtz embossing folder, that produces a rivited metal effect.  I would also like to thank RachO113 for her YouTube video Metal Tape Art as I saw this and couldn't wait to get started on the the box.

The first thing I did was sand down and then paint the edges of the box with a couple of layers of silver acrylic paint.  I then cut panels of greyboard to fit each side of the box including the top and sides of the lid.  I could have worked directly on to the box surface, but found it easier to work on the smaller panels, and they also gave more 3d depth to the box once stuck on.

I used cheap silver plumber's tape from the DIY store over the panels that had various shapes, buttons, mesh, paper shapes, letters, screw-type brads (basically any item I could find in my stash that looked vaguely techno!) stuck on.  Some places needed a few layers as the tape sometimes split at the edge of raised parts.  Once the silver tape had been burnished on with an embossing tool I placed pieces of Ranger foil tape and used a ballpoint pen the mark the dot rivets.   I added some Tim Holtz box corners, gears, pull handle, clock face and game spinner to the top.  The small round studs alongside the base at the front and next to the gears on the lid are from 7gypsies.

Panels were stuck on with hot glue.

Husband commandeered it for his dressing table, so that was nice...

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