Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Another go

I wasn't particularly happy with my take on Tim's April tag. I didn't have the right colours and thought it was a bit dull.

So today I went searching the craft shops in the Edinburgh environs and at the third attempt I founding that had some of the distress paints in stock. Stampers Grove is well stocked but a bugger to park near as it's in the middle of the city in a one way system! But the drive through the park was lovely as the view is stunning and the sun was shining for once.

Unfortunately I'd forgotten the list of colours, and was too stupid to remember I could have looked them up on my iPhone. Pfft.   But I bought a few that I thought were right, though no metallics in stock yet. I also got Paper Artsy stamp set 'Wings4' as it had a tiny dragonfly in it.

As it turned out I didn't get the right greens, and thought I'd use some perfect pearls bronze mica powder in lieu of the metallic paint. But I'd forgotten how powerful the powder is and that a little goes a VERY long way. Mixed with water to make a very wee puddle, it just about coloured half the tag and so the effect is just a bit overpowering! I've hidden the worst behind the date ticket and rocket square.    And the metallic finish of the tag has a very strange effect on my ink stamping - the ink just fades away.  I'm new to stamping and am a bit confused by all the different types of ink there are so presumably Memento fade resistant Dye Ink in Tuxedo Black is only fade resistant on non metallic finishes!  Who'd have known? Another lesson learned.  If someone can explain the difference between dye inks and solvent ink (I have Stazon)and all the other types inks then I'd love to hear from you...

I'm going to try and incorporate (or hide) a date ticket in every one of the Tags of 2013 marked with the day I made it. I thought that would be nice.

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